Research Projects

Funded by Quadrature Climate Foundation (2022 -2024)

Collaborators: EPRG (Cambridge Judge Business School), CNMI (Architecture) and HSS (Caltech)

Climate misinformation and echo chambers on social media

Division of Humanities and Social Science, Caltech (2021-22) | Role: Visiting affiliate on Computational Social Science

Climate repair sentiment analysis

Centre for Climate Repair, Cambridge Engineering | Role: Co-I (2021-22)

Energy efficiency from space

UK Space Agency funded project in collaboration with Institute for Astronomy (Cambridge) and Cambridge Zero |Role: Research Associate

Resource efficiency in Lao PDR

Department of Engineering (Resource Efficiency Collective Group), University of Cambridge (2021-22) | Role: Co-investigator

Decolonising energy policy research

UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources and Chalmers University (2021) | Role: Co-author

Renewable financing in Brazil and Nigeria

University of Bonn and Stanford University (2021) | Role: Co-author

The environmental consequence of online activities - Provocations for COP26

Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy (2021) | Role: Research Assistant

Just energy transition in Ghana

Issac Newton Trust (2021) | Role: Lead researcher

Growing the future: Nature-based solution in the built environment

Centre for Natural Material Innovation (2021-23) | Role: Laudes Foundation Research Associate in Climate Policy

International Energy Agency, Paris (2021-23) | Role: Visiting researcher (lead co-author)

International Energy Agency, Paris (2020- 21) | Role: Visiting researcher (contributing author)

Effect of lockdown on residential electricity demand in India

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Carnegie Mellon University, International Energy Agency and University of Cambridge (2021) | Role: Lead author (Working paper ready)

CambridgeZero, Deloitte and UK Government - BEIS (2021) | Role: Climate consultant

Gates-Cambridge Trust (2018- 21) | Role: PhD thesis

National Thermal Power Plant India Limited and Indian Institute of Management Indore (2020) | Role: Lead author

Cambridge Judge Business School, Department of Architecture and Michigan Conservative Energy Forum (2020-21) | Role: Lead author and research fellow (Paper under review)

African Centre of Excellence in Energy for Sustainable Development (2019-20) | Role: Co-author

Market change of vegan food industry in the US

Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Houston and University of Texas at Arlington (2020- 21) | Role: Co-author (working paper)

University of California Berkeley and University of Porto (2019-20) | Role: Co-author

Federal University of Paraiba and Federal University of Santa Catarina (2019-20) | Role: Lead author

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2017-18)| Role: Co-author (1); MPhil (2)

Development i-teams program, Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge and British Antarctic Survey (BAS) (2018) | Role: co-author

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (2018) | Role: co-author

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (2017-18) | Role: Co-author

Stanford University and Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (2016-17) | Role: Lead author

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (2016) | Role: co-author

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (2015-16) | Role: Masters Thesis

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