Transdisciplinary studio

I take a deconstructivist approach to architectural design studio teaching by infusing transdisciplinary approaches to pedagogical development. In this way, I have developed following modules to foster experiential learning:

Churchill College Climate Studio, University of Cambridge (2022 - present): I am co-leading a one-of-a-kind initiative to bridge STEM and non-STEM learning through climate action. The first student-led project uses thermography to see the invisible (heat!) in and around college buildings.

Daylight Studio, Oxbridge Academy - Peterhouse College, University of Cambridge (2019): As a part of a summer school for high-school students, I led a sustainable architecture studio focusing on daylighting. Students worked in groups to perform daylight modelling and simulation of a classroom with the objective of reducing electricity demand. They worked on the computational design to optimise building parameters. Link:

Technology and Development Laboratory, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (2015-2016): A transdisciplinary studio experience solving local developmental challenges using appropriate technologies. I led this group as a Teaching Associate funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. Design thinking was the core of problem-solving,; it included 60 days of ethnographic fieldwork in a remote village to identify grassroots-level problems and design relevant solutions. Focus areas were: cooking fuel transition, health sanitation, resilient fishing and agriculture. A key output: